Monitor’s Duties

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The Role of the Independent Monitor

What are the Independent Monitor’s duties?

The Independent Monitor will have only the duties, responsibilities and authority conferred upon him by the Consent Decree.

The Independent Monitor will assess the City’s progress in implementing, and achieving compliance with, the Consent Decree.  The Independent Monitor will report on the status of implementation to the Parties and the Court.  The Independent Monitor will work with the Parties to address any barriers to compliance.  The Independent Monitor will assist the Parties to informally resolve any disputes or differences.  The Independent Monitor will present issues to the Court.

The Independent Monitor will also assess whether implementation of the Consent Decree is resulting in policing that is consistent with the Constitution, and that engenders effective cooperation and trust between NPD and the communities it serves.

Why is there a Consent Decree?

The Consent Decree was created in response to the DOJ’s 2014 findings that NPD officers have engaged in a pattern or practice of unconstitutional policing, including theft by officers, unlawful stops and arrests, excessive use of force, and retaliation against individuals who exercise their rights under the First Amendment.

How will the Independent Monitor assess and report on NPD’s implementation of the Consent Decree?

The Independent Monitor will conduct compliance reviews and audits and outcome assessments as specified in the Consent Decree.

What will the Independent Monitor not do?

The Independent Monitor will not, and is not intended to, replace or assume the role and duties of the City or NPD, including the Police Director or Chief of Police.